Cataract Services

A cataract is a cloudiness or opacity of the eye’s natural clear lens. It obstructs the passage of light to the retina (Parda) of the eye and impairs vision. When the lens develops cloudiness o the point that it impairs vision, it is called Cataract. It is like looking through a frosted glass.


  1. Progressive and painless blurring of vision is the commonest symptom.
  2. The blurring of vision may be more marked in bright light.
  3. Brightness and contrast of the image decreases in early cataract
  4. Some individuals experience glare in night driving
  5. Colors may become less distinct. Later on the vision deteriorates and interferes in day to day activities.
  6. Seeing two or more moons at night also suggests cataract.


Note :- Pain, itching, redness or watering are not symptoms of Cataract. Cataract usually develops in both the eyes, but may progress different rates.