R.K. Devi School of Optometry

R. K. Devi Eye Research Institute established in 1985 has been working towards providing comprehensive quality eye care at the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary level.

Lack of Awareness, Overpopulation, Poverty and Inadequate infrastructure has led India to have the maximum number of blind in the world. Despite the efforts done locally and nationally this backlog increases every year. The silver lining is that 80% of this blindness is preventable through refraction and surgery. The magnitude of blindness is so high that efforts are needed from all ends.

Since ophthalmologists are not many in numbers trained optometrists bridge the gap between the eye patients and the specialists. According to a recent study by the Govt. of India it has been found that India requires 40,000 trained optometrists and present number is 8,000 only. Optometrists play a very significant role in managing a poorly sighted or partially sighted patient. Thus the need to have qualified and trained Optometrists is an integral part of alleviating blindness.

Management of the School of Optometry

  • Dr. Awadh Dubey
  • Mrs. Shubha Dubey
  • Dr. Sanjiv Lal
  • Dr. Gaurav Dubey
  • Mrs. Suprabha Dubey
  • Dr. Nikhil Verma

Teaching Faculty

  • Dr. Awadh Dubey - M.S. (Ophth.)
  • Dr. Gaurav Dubey - D.O.M.S, DNB (Ophth.)
  • Dr. Sukant Pandey - M.S. (Ophth.)
  • Dr. Nikhil Verma - D.O.M.S. (Ophth.)
  • Dr. C.P. Gupta - D.O.M.S
  • Mr. Ashutosh Tripathi - DOT
  • Mrs. Tanmeet Kaur - DOT

Course fee:- 

Students are required to pay tution fees of Rs. 54,000/- per year

The committee and faculty meets periodically to review and advise on following issues.

  • Training of students
  • Review the training programme
  • Scheduling of lectures, practicals, clinics and ward postings.

Training for Optometerist

Observership / Hands on Training / Fellowship

The Institute provides platform to young optometerists to train themselves & gain practical knowledge in the field of optometry.

Learning Objectives
  • To understand the basic and advanced principles of Optometry
  • To do a thorough comprehensive eye examination
  • To be familiar with basic and advanced diagnostic procedures in Optometry
  • To be a competent Optometry Professional with an ability to handle different types of patients
  • To make appropriate referrals
  • Contact lens and spectacle dispensing
Observership Hands on Training Fellowship
3 months 1 months 6 months
Course Details
  • Eligibility - Degree / Diploma in Optometry
  • No of seats - 4 per year
  • Duration - 1 month
  • Course fee - 5000/month
  • Frequency - Twice a year (Jan and July)
  • Accomodation arrangements have to be made seperately
Course Highlights
  • Study materials provided
  • CME programs
  • Interactive sessions with senior faculty
  • Wider clinical / academic exposure