Friends for Sight

A Global initiative of people with service as their prime objective towards poor and needy eye patient, who work together and contribute in creating “Blindness Free Zones”. It has the Mission to save the Precious Gift of Sight.

There are 6.5 million cataract patients out of approximately 12.5 million blind in India, RK Devi Eye Research Institute & Friends for Sight (Reg.) is a not for profit organization, is dedicated to preventing and curing avoidable blindness by providing comprehensive quality eye care to the society. 
We invite you to join us in our mission of vision, empowering patients with a renewed sense of sight.
Together we can make a difference!

Your generous donation will give us the inspiration and courage to go beyond our capacity to reach out to many people living in poverty, ignorance and darkness in and around them.

How to become a Friend For Sight

  • Adopt a Patient : You can adopt one patient and restore his/her vision by sponsoring a cataract surgery. Amount : 2000 INR (which includes pre and post-operative medicines to patients all the examinations related to eye surgery by the best of equipment with IOL implantation, two day hospitalization, meals, spectacles and free follow ups minimum up to two visits.
  • Eye screening camps : You can participate in organization of awareness camps, surgical screening and refractive error camps.
  • School screening : R.K Devi eye research institute is actively involved in school screening, this helps in creating awareness among children, teachers and parents. It also helps in early detection of lazy eye, squint and refractive error problems in children.
  • Congenital cataract / cataract in infants : Many small children by birth or due to trauma are blind, this blindness can be removed by cataract surgery but due to financial constraint treatment is not done. You can become a friend to the family by giving the gift of sight to their child.

International Volunteers TimeBank

A movement of like minded people from all walks of life who invests their time in creating awareness among people for eye care activity. They contribute their valuable time to the society as responsible citizen.