Jatin a one and a half year old baby could not see the beautiful world around him….He was visually impaired due to congenital cataract in both eyes. He had lost both his parents and was living with his grandmother and aunt who could not afford a cataract surgery. With the help of our paid patient who willingly volunteered to sponsor the cost of surgery for Jatin.
Today Jatin has been operated with a Intra ocular lens implant in both his eyes and smiles brilliantly to all the friendly faces.
Many medical as well as non medical volunteers became co-travellers in this noble journey of lighting up the lives of blind people. Ophthalmologist from U.S visited R.K Devi Eye Research Institute and performed cataract surgery on poor eye patients as part of their contribution towards blindness alleviation.
Institute receives international students and volunteers on a regular basis to work in the community, facilitating in eye camps and awareness campaign.
Dr. Adrienne Selbie, Anant Handa, Keerti Agnihotri, Dr. Steeve Lipari from Canada, Dr. Aaron, Dr. Charlie Cassidy have volunteered their time and effort in various activities of camps.

A unique way to become co-travelers in this journey of lighting up the lives of blind people. We appeal to people for investing their time in the cause of removing blindness through networking, creating awareness about preventive and curative aspects of blindness & identifying potential cases of impending loss of vision in their immediate environment. The returns will be immeasurable in the form of Gift of Sight.

Volunteers Time Bank

Let us come together and join hands in this noble cause. Our most valuable human resource can definitely fight this menace of blindness when united together.

Who can become a Volunteer?

Volunteer can be a person who wants to serve society irrespective of social, demographic and geographical barriers. Those can be people from all walks of life. They can be students, graduates, professionals, businessmen, senior citizens and organizations.

How can you become a Volunteer?

You can become a volunteer by filling up a Volunteer’s form which is available at our website and at our institute.

Role of a Volunteer

To participate in organization of camps, registration at the camp site, help in patient shifting and transfer, coordination of patient at the time of surgery, distribution of medicines and data collection.

Learning Objectives : -

  • Helps in understanding the problems of the society in a better manner, brings you close to the reality and out from your comfort zone.
  • Teaches compassion and empathy towards people, facilitates team work. Enhances communication at all levels.
  • Teaches you to work in adversities and limited resources.